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Hi! I am Andrea Fanelli, based between Seattle and San Francisco.


I am a Senior Staff Scientist at Dolby Laboratories in the Advanced Technology Group and an Affiliate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Washington. At Dolby, I lead a research team developing the next generation of entertainment technologies, reporting to Dolby's CTO Chris Bennett. My research spans audio, visual, and multimodal AI, computer vision, personalization, human-computer interaction, and wearable sensing.


I got my BS and MS degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, and my PhD in Bioengineering from the same institution. 

During my PhD, I joined MIT as a visiting student with a Progetto Rocca Fellowship, working with Prof. George Verghese in the Research Laboratory of Electronics’s Computational Physiology and Clinical Inference Group (CPCI). During my PhD, I developed a wearable device to monitor the fetus during pregnancy. 


After defending my PhD, I joined the Integrative Neuromonitoring and Critical Care Informatics Group (INCCI) at MIT as a Postdoctoral Associate, under the supervision of prof. Thomas Heldt. At MIT, I won the Research Laboratory of Electronics's Translational Fellowship, for my work on noninvasive intracranial pressure estimation (check out the article MIT News wrote about it). In 2017, I joined the Institute of Medical Engineering and Science at MIT as research scientist. 

In 2018, I joined Dolby Laboratories as Senior Staff Scientist, and I am now leading a research team whose mission is to create the next generation of entertainment technologies, leveraging AI, computer vision, and wearable sensing. At Dolby, I led the ML and AI research behind the Dolby Atmos Personalized Rendering and the Speech Analytics API

In 2021 I joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Washington as affiliate professor, while keeping my full-time Dolby appointment.

Multimedia arts have always been a big component of my life. I love photography in all of its forms (and I am proud of my portfolio), and I play electric guitar, mostly blues and rock. 

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